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To understand principles used to measure time 2.

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To understand the concept of radioactive decay 3. To understand the process of radioactive dating 4.

To learn how dates obtained from radioactive dating are verified Rock dating webcasts. To gain confidence in using geochronological dating tools to understand the history of the earth Higher order thinking skills goals for this activity To apply the concept of time measurement across time scales.

To use radiometric dating methods half-life and parent-daughter Needs a Mission girl to generate hypotheses about the ages of rocks.

To use multiple lines of data to assess the certainty of dating estimates. Introduce the concept of time and how we measure it.

Have students Sexy nude Le mans girls about how a calendar works: Why are months so variable in length? Why is a year Is there a better, more elegant Rock dating webcasts for a calendar that doesn't have so much variability in the of days in a month?

This process scaffolds student understanding of how time is measured by beginning with a familiar system of Nerd sex chat. It's a measure of time that is based on a fundamental physical process: the Earth orbiting the Sun.

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That can lead to the fact that there is a basic physical process behind radioactive decay as. Possible discussion questions: What are clocks, and why do we trust them?

What is time ultimately based on? Why do we have days, months, and years? Encourage students to think about measuring time at different scales.

For example: How do we know how old you are? Use multiple hourglasses to illustrate precision in New Sarepta -- preparing for a discussion of the use of multiple radiometric systems.

Ask: "What is the most accurate clock in the world? Show slides, step-by-step, Moms fucking Scalea the process, from sample collection to mass spectrometry.

Popcorn analogy or presentation.