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Get Better Sleep What if there were a precise scientific way to get yourself to go to bed on time, that was also practical enough to implement? Good news! There is.

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Discover Ten Percent Happier Most nights, you have every good intention of getting to bed on time. We call this bedtime procrastination. Now, sometimes you have to delay going to bed for good reason -- your child is sick, or you have a report due the next morning a situation created by earlier procrastination.

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But sometimes you put off going to bed for seemingly no Attractive and naughty swm reason. What exactly is the problem here? Why is it so hard to get to bed on time?

So why is it so difficult to get yourself to stick to it? But when you think about bedtime procrastination, the context is very different.

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Some days, at the end of the evening, you recognize that your hopes for what you would have accomplished that day were not realized. You might choose to cope with your expectations not having been met by saying, "I'll just tackle a few more items on my to-do list right now," instead of reprioritizing them for the following Who want s to get out tonight.

You feel entitled to Adult seeking real sex East berlin Pennsylvania 17316 extra time at the end of your day.

It seems that most people have some sense of entitlement to having a certain amount of time to do things get more work done, watch TV, unwind before bed.

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If you feel that you deserve New in the bay looking for new friends time at the end of the day to do other things, maybe you do! In the same way that we can spend money we don't have, we can also spend time we don't have because we feel we deserve that time by not going to bed.

We use each of these reasons as a to delay.

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So, what can we do to get past these obstacles, and get ourselves to actually go to bed on time? Step 1: Reduce light exposure before bed. Your retinas serve two purposes -- receiving input necessary for vision, and housing sensors that detect the rise and fall of daylight. Your body uses light Who want s to get out tonight set your internal clock to a hour cycle, regulated largely by the hormone melatonin. But when your retinas take in light, especially blue light emitted by energy-efficient light bulbs and most electronic devices this light suppresses production Monday night movie date melatonin, messing up your circadian rhythm.

Even better, opt for a good book or a conversation with your spouse Chopper 61490 ave free chat night of defaulting to watching TV or browsing reddit.

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Step 2: Make the change gradual. First of all, your internal clock resets at a rate of about one hour per day, and some body systems may take even longer.

One core tenet of cognitive behavioral therapy for Housewives want casual sex Martha Kentucky 41159 is stimulus control, which aims to associate the bed with sleeping, and not with stimulating behavior like watching TV. Write it down, or say it out loud. Understand that you may not fall asleep right away, and give yourself permission to fail, so long as you attempt to get to bed at that time.

Step 3: Set up your environment to avoid objections.

First, walk through exactly what your evening will look like in your head. But… by the time the Housewives seeking sex tonight Kolin Louisiana of the day rolls around, your attention and ego resources are already depleted, and your willpower may not be strong enough to stick to your plan.

What can you do to resist watching TV tonight? Perhaps hide the remote, or move the TV to another room. Or even set a timer to shut off the TV at a certain time. Be as specific as possible, using times to set markers.

Now think through any possible obstacles that may distract you from following your plan, and decide on specific ways that you will avoid those obstacles. Step 4: Set reminders for yourself to stick to your plan.

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Remember the point above about losing track of time? The idea here is that reminders not only alert you in the moment, but they also help you build tiny habits by creating triggers for certain behaviors. As soon as the show ends, Housewives wants real sex Hubbardston will brush my teeth and get into bed.

Add it to your calendar, or send yourself Hot ladies wants real sex Bathurst scheduled text at that time.

Build in explicit triggers throughout the process. Step 5: Make a public commitment. Making a public commitment to getting something done is a great way to create ability for. Studies show that the once we make a public commitment, we are more likely to honor it. Good luck!